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My Story

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease my senior year of college in December 2007. After months of sickness, fatigue, upset stomach, and being frustrated, my doctor determined I was allergic to gluten. As she relayed the news and handed me a piece of paper with everything I could no longer eat, I felt defeated. At first glance, I saw everything that I was use to consuming on a DAILY basis: bread, pasta, cookies, and pizza. How could I cut out this "gluten" ingredient that to my surprise was prevalent in what seemed, at the time, EVERYTHING?

I initially struggled with the fact that the majority of the food in my kitchen was off limits. My favorite family meals were no longer an option and holidays which are suppose to be joyous occasions revolving around food would turn into daunting and scary events. It definitely felt like an uphill battle.

Although it has been several years since the initial shock of opening the pantry and not being able to eat anything in it, I can say, I don't mind anymore. The lifestyle that I have embraced 5 years ago has introduced me to the gluten free community, which is a strong, supportive, motivating and determined grouped of individuals.

The past  years have been a series of trial and error, but the recipes and meals that I and my family have made has made me realized I can eat like everyone else. Now being out of school and having more time (or should I say less work to do when I get home from work) I have more time to focus on baking and cooking. Nothing excites me more than taking a recipe and making it gluten free without anyone in the family realizing I just transformed their favorite dish. I have to admit, at times, I do enjoy being challenged in the kitchen. This new lifestyle has pushed my creativity to new levels. 

With the support I have received from family, friends, my boyfriend, and fellow Celiac survivors through the years I was inspired to share my experiences, and knowledge I have gained as I've transitioned my diet. I started "The Gluten Exchange" in July 2011 to provide a resource for working young professional, balancing a social life, starting a career, taking on new responsibilities, and doing it all gluten free!

Being a part of the growing gluten free community, I realize I am not alone. I am just another individual living gluten free one day at a time. No big deal :)

Thanks for stopping by! Lets take this journey together, I can promise you I will be baking all the way!

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