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November 26, 2013

Gluten Free Holiday Gift Guide under $35

Gluten Free Holiday Gift Guide under $35 logo

The holidays are the time of giving and if you have a gluten free friend on your gift list, well then you have come to the right place. Below is a list of gluten free products, books, and items that are under $35 and would make any Celiac's day brighter. I would LOVE anything on this list (ahem...Mark :) Click on any of the below products to redirect to the original site. 

Gluten Free Gift Guide under $35

Under $15
1.  Cake Boss™ Stainless Steel Tools and Gadgets 2-Tablespoon Mechanical Cookie Scoop $12.99  ideal for making cookies in a uniform size and also for filling cupcake tins with batter. 

2. Norpro Nonstick 6-Donut Pan $12.59 as I have yet to find the perfect gluten free donut, I opt for a homemade version using this perfect pan. 

3. Sweet Cravings (50 Seductive Desserts for a Gluten-Free Lifestyle) by Krya Bussanich  The first gluten free baker to win Food Network's Cupcake Wars shares her delicious recipes for  cakes, muffins, scones, cookie,s brownies, cobblers, tarts and more.

Under $25

Bialetti 3-pc. Pizza Stone Set for $15.99 perfect for pizza nights in and for hosting a game night!

5. Healthy Salad on the Go Set from Tupperware $20.00 perfect for traveling and weekday lunches at work.

7. Gluten Free Girl Every Day by Shauna James Ahean $18.96 on Amazon a gluten free cookbook MUST have. phenomenal recipes, and flavorful dishes for the everyday cook.

8. Subscription to Delight Gluten Free MagazineAnnual subscription for bi-monthly magazine (6-copies per year). $24.00 This will be on my list every year. An amazing magazine with simple, delicious recipes, product reviews and much much more! 

Under $35
9. Willaim-Sonoma Goldtouch Nonstick Mini Loaf Pan $33.95 perfect for making several mini loafs and freezing a few for later. 

10.  Fred’s Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn Tub $28 do I need a description? :) 

Tomorrow's post- Gluten Free Gift Guide under $100

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