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July 25, 2013

The Warmest Housewarming Party- Gluten Free Style!

Last weekend we hosted our housewarming party and I couldn't have been happier with how everything went! I recently read you are ready to have a housewarming party when you're able to check off all of the below items:

-Updated your address
-Purchased necessities

-Settled into a daily routine

Being able to cross off all 4,we were convinced it was time! One of the great things about a housewarming party, is that it already has a theme and additional decorations are not necessary. You can simply showcase your home as is, and highlight the improvements and projects that you have worked on the months following the big move. As stressful as it was preparing for this "unveiling,"  we were motivated to hang pictures, and finish odds and ends which had been lingering for months on our to-do list. It was wonderful having our friends and family under our roof and to finally call our place home.

I had spent the weeks prior to our party searching "Housewarming Party Ideas and Favors" and finally decided on a few things that made all the difference, so of course I had to share :) I had a few guests who were lactose intolerant, so I not only wanted to focus on gluten free items, but also include a few dishes that were dairy free. My goal was bite size, finger foods, that were small portions and were easy to enjoy while  leisurely walking around. Because who wants cocktail sauce on their white carpet? Not me!

Mark and I opted for a 1-5 pm party where friends and family could drop by at their convenience, and enjoy a few delicious bites before heading to a Saturday night dinner. Below is the full menu  and a few colorful pictures to help plan your next party. Regardless of the type of party you may be throwing, all of the below food items were a hit! 


Even though I didn't decorate for this party, I tried to add touches of "new home" where I could. I found this idea on Pinterest and with a pile of paint swatches from our painting adventure had all the supplies I needed. I simply stapled 2 paint swatches together and folded the napkin and stuffed each with a fork. The more colors the better!


Chicken Pecan Skewers with Pineapple Salsa- a party hit! Recipe HERE! Let's just say I sent out a mass email after our party with the recipe because so many people wanted to know how to make them :)

Shrimp Cocktail in individual cocktail glasses with a garnish of parsley. The cocktail sauce was served on the side so the shrimp wouldn't get soggy.

Fruit Salad- strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and pineapple. Fresh and perfect on a hot day. 

Vegetable Platter- carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, celery and cucumbers with 2 dip options: original hummus from Trader Joe's and a buttermilk ranch- Recipe HERE

Caprese Skewers- marinated mozzarella balls with fresh basil and a cherry tomato with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Mozzarella balls and basil purchased at Trader Joe's. 

Simple Cheese and Summer Sausage plate for the kids- Cracker Barrel pepper jack and sharp cheddar, with Glutnio's Mutigrain crackers.


"Brookies"- simple & amazing! I prepared the brownie and cookie batter as suggested on both of the packages and then layered both batters into an 8 x 8 dish. Suggested brands- Betty Crocker Gluten Free Brownie Mix and Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. 

Raspberry Sorbet served in lemons- simple and refreshing for the summer months! I prepared a plate ahead of time and brought them out a few times throughout the party so they didn't melt on the table.

Rice Krispies dipped in white chocolate- The only complaint I got was that the rice krisipie bars were not COMPLETELY covered in white chocolate, hint hint! that is all you need to change. 


Sangria- The first beverage I think of during the summer is Sangria, so I was sold on having A white Wine sangria. Recipe HERE. Once I prepared the fruit salad I had several different berries left over and merely tossed them in for added flavor. Be sure to prepare this the night before and add the ginger ale a few hours before the party starts.

Beer & Bottled Water

Non-alcoholic beverages- several vintage sodas including- Bubble Up, Honey Lemonade, Bulldog Rootbeer and a classic- San Pellegrino Sparkling Beverage, Blood Orange, all purchased at World Trade Market.

Party Favors:

The more I "Googled," the more I realized the importance of having a party favor. Given that we were definitely on a budget for this party, I decided on one of my favorites- chocolate covered pretzels. Salty large and bite sized pretzels dipped in smooth, semisweet chocolate were the perfect blend of salty and sweet. To personalize the party favor I added a tag shaped as a house and include the phrase- "Thank you for filling our new home with love and laughter." xoxo M&M. Simple & Sweet!

Some helpful sites/ "to-do" lists that kept me in line the past few weeks:

Purple Trail- Party Ideas Blog- Houswarming Party Ideas, Show off your new home!

From MyMove.com- a brochure that details everything you need to do/know for a housewarming party

Good luck party planning! I can't wait to plan our next get together!


  1. Great Ideas!! Will use for my own housewarming party ;)

  2. So much interesting food. I would try one of each.