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December 14, 2012

Highlights of a Gluten Free Girl's Week 12.14.12

Its been so long since I have posted my highlights! I had so many things to share I had to include them all!  I have to admit this is one of my favorite posts to prepare. Maybe it has to do with reliving some of my favorite gluten free food moments from the weeks past but more importantly these "highlights" give me hope that the world is becoming more accommodating to the gluten free diet. Now that's something to celebrate during this joyous time of year! 

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! I am excited for a few Christmas parties, a little shopping, gluten free baking and as always spending time with family and friends. Cheers!

{I really hate to admit this, but I finished my Eat Pastry Premade Gluten Free Cookie Dough tub from Costco (Click HERE for the original post)! Yes, it only took a week, but doesn't that truly express how great this product is. I have had a fresh oven baked cookie EVERY night after dinner, but didn't have to make the dough from scratch each time.  I plan on picking up another tub this weekend :) Don't judge, its the holidays!}

{I enjoyed the Marinated and Grilled Fished Tacos with corn tortillas at George's at the Cove. Note- I had to specify that I wanted CORN tortillas, as the tacos usually come with flour.  It has mango salsa, jalapeno-lime creme fraicheguacamole and shredded cabbage. They were simply delicious and the view was incredible on a sunny November day in beautiful San Diego. View full lunch menu HERE

{Meeting the dedicated, and knowledge staff at Healthy Creations, Ian and Mary! Click HERE to learn about my visit and all that Healthy Creations has to offer to the gluten free community in Southern California.}

{I spotted WOW Cookies at the E-Bar at Nordstrom at the UTC Mall as I was "refueling" while Christmas shopping. There were 2 flavors to pick from Chocolate Brownie and Pumpkin, yours to enjoy at only $2.50 a piece}

{My dad surprised me with this delicious, delicate, flour less chocolate gluten free mini cake with fresh berries from Major Market, in Escondido Thanks Dad!} 

{I have enjoyed hot cocoa topped with several marshmallows in my festive gingerbread cup every night this week! It has been chilly every night so I decided to picked up a box of Nestle Hot cocoa mix after reading it was a gluten free product Nestle produces on Gluten Free in San Diego. Click HERE for the complete list of Nestle products that do not contain wheat, rye, barley/malt ingredients.}

{And for the GRAND finale, (drum roll please) the before and after pictures of the 1st round of my 2012 Holiday Baking! I have been compiling recipes for a few months now and it was so much fun bringing each cookie, bar, fudge & cupcake to life! Click HERE for several recipes, the Chocolate Chip Peanut Cup recipe post coming Monday!}

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