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November 26, 2012

Banana Sunrise Muffins

One of my favorite memories growing up was waking up to the fresh smell of breakfast. My mom has always been an early riser, taking advantage of the quite hours and whipping up some of our favorite breakfast bites. From fresh pumpkin bread (gluten free version HERE), blueberry muffins (gluten free version HERE), and one of my favorites banana muffins, the delectable smell was always a pleasant way to start the day. 

I recently found a recipe for banana muffins on Gluten Free on a Shoestring website, click HERE, and appreciated the basic ingredients and detailed instructions.  Last week I woke up unusually early, so early the sun wasn't even up! So I decided to recreate the delicious morning smell and determined this recipe not only created the same great smell but a better taste. I really liked the two textures of bananas used, smashed and diced. As you can see from the pictures, the sun literally rose as I measured, mixed and baked, so I had to give them the appropriate name of Banana Sunrise Muffins. :)

Enjoying a fresh baked pastry in the morning may seem like a simple treat to most, but finding a gluten free one is certainly something to celebrate. Thank you Nicole for creating a light, fluffy and sweet muffin that is the perfect way to start the day.  

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