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October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Rice Krispie Treats

Snap Crackle Pop Pumpkins! Continuing the Halloween treats this week, I spotted this fall twist on the classic rice krispie treat on Home Stories A 2 Z and couldn't wait to share with family and friends. I even took a batch into work, and my coworkers loved them! These were super simple to make requiring only 5 ingredients (butter not shown below). I followed the Kellogg's Rice Krispie recipe on the side of the gluten free rice krispie box and added red and yellow food coloring until the mixture turned a bright orange. Once the cereal was the correct pumpkin color I rubbed butter over the palm of my hands and rolled the cereal into balls. A great tip from Beth at Home Stories A 2 Z is that it is important to add more butter to your hands between each pumpkin ball. Once the rice krispie ball/pumpkin was set, I cut a Tootsie roll in half and placed the cut side down into the top portion of the pumpkin ball. Last but not least, I added green icing leaves to each side of the Tootsie roll.Thanks Beth for sharing a great fall recipe!

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