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October 12, 2012

Highlights of a Gluten Free Girl's Week 10.12.12

Happy Friday! Fall is officially here- it even rained on my way to work yesterday! As the week draws to end I want to share a few gluten free highlights from the past few weeks that have put a smile on my face. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

{Gluten Free Display at Sprouts}

Look at that beautiful gluten free display! My dad, sister and I went on a recent grocery shopping trip to Sprouts. We were all very impressed with the store, the layout and the importance placed on gluten free goods. I really appreciate when stores dedicate specific sections to gluten free shoppers. It's a win for the grocery store as I tend to buy more gluten free products simply because they are all in one area. I notice new products and splurge on others that are not on my list. I am surprised I didn't buy the whole display! Click HERE to find  Sprouts location nearest you.

{Enjoyed blogging gluten free while riding the train}

Last weekend I decided to avoid the Los Angeles traffic on the 405 and take the Amtrak train to Santa Barbara. I met Mark for, can you guess? A weekend in wine county. Santa Barbara is a beautiful town, perfect for weekend getaways. I can't wait to share my gluten free finds, post coming soon. But in the meantime, check out our wine, cheese and gluten free Crunchmaster cracker spread. Crunchmaster is one of my favorite crackers that I always pack for road trips to wine country. 

{Gluten Free soy sauce at my favorite sushi restaurant in Rancho Bernardo}

Our family celebrated my parents 35th wedding anniversary at our favorite sushi spot, Akai Hana in Rancho Bernardo. We enjoyed our favorite sushi rolls, a few glasses of plum wine and the company of one another. My parents have been going to this sushi hot spot since before I was born. It is always so nice to be greeted by your first name and get our favorite spot at the sushi bar with Hero as our sushi chef.  Cheers to my amazing parents and to many more wonderful years together!

{Enjoyed Gluten Free Pick Up Stix for dinner}

Although Pick Up Stix does not offer a gluten free menu, I did determine they offer a gluten free option. The Pad Thai dish is rice noodles in a sweet & sour sauce with green onions, egg, peanuts and sprouts, served with chicken, shrimp or vegetables. Soy sauce is not used in preparing the ingredients. Both chicken and shrimp options are fried in corn starch rather than wheat. This was my first dining experience at Pick Up Stix and I have to admit I am very pleased with the service and knowledge the employees had in regards to gluten and the concern of cross contamination. With any meal outside the walls of our kitchen we always run the risk of getting sick, but I am happy to say, I had a positive gluten free dining experience. 

Even after a busy few weeks, I have managed to find some time to bake some of my favorite fall treats. Stay tune next week- featuring a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Drop Cookie. You'll understand why fall is my favorite season after sinking your teeth in these pieces of fall heaven. 

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