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October 4, 2012

ACDA Action to Advance FDA Gluten Free Labeling Rule

The Gluten Free Community needs YOUR help! I received the below email from the Celiac Disease Foundation. Please take the time to sign the petition (green link below) to encourage high level officials to understand the importance and need for FDA labeling.

Celiac Disease Foundation

ACDA Action to Advance FDA Gluten Free Labeling Rule

Dear Members,

You can help support the action of the ACDA in their goal to get the FDA moving forward!

Since the passage of FALCPA in 2004 the ACDA has sought ways to garner attention for, and movement on, the gluten-free labeling rules.
Today, we took advantage of an opportunity which will elevate the issue in new ways. 
The White House has a process for citizens to share their concerns or issues via an online open petition. Petitions which garner a pre-determined number of signatures, are reviewed and responded to by Administration officials. 

At this point in the regulatory process, high level officials MUST get the message that the celiac community NEEDS these rules. The petition process will help us convey that message and provide additional visibility for the issue. 

Please go to the ACDA homepage, read the background information about the petition, follow the link to sign it, then share the link/information through your respective networks.
The rules are within our grasp, this has the potential to put them squarely in our hands.
Thank you for your support!!

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