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September 19, 2012

Gluten Free Allergen Free Cooking Demo

Starting tomorrow Natural Twist Bakery & Toovaloo Gluten Free have team up to provide FREE Gluten Free and Allergen Free cooking demonstrations at various Albertsons locations throughout San Diego!
Natural Twist Bakery & Toovaloo, both San Diego based gluten free companies, will show some quick and easy ways to cook pizza, pasta and cookies! I am very excited for this event as I have yet to try Toovaloo's product line of pizza crusts, flatbreads and tortillas and Natural Twist Bakery's ready-to-bake cookie dough balls! Perhaps I can continue my bad habit of leaving the spoon in the cookie dough container? I have to admit most of the time I enjoy cookie dough without ever turning the oven on. Am I the only one that is guilty of this? I think NOT! :)

Gluten free cookies & pizza, sounds like a Celiac's dream! See you there!

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