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August 8, 2012

Thomas Hill Organics- Wine Bar & Market Bistro

There is nothing better than finding a new restaurant, having an understanding and attentive waiter and not getting sick. For a Celiac the combination is rare. As restaurants are becoming more knowledgeable in the gluten free diet, it is becoming more realistic to experience this combo. What I like to call, the light at the end of the tunnel.

I had an incredible dining experience at Thomas Hill Organics in Paso Robles, CA. Another relaxing weekend on the Central Coast, enjoying wine, fresh food and the company of my boyfriend. We spotted a distinguished red brick building and was instantly intrigued with the words on the sign. 'Wine,' 'Organics' and 'Bistro'. We thought what a perfect way to start a day of wine tasting. I was even more excited to find a spacious outdoor covered courtyard with a waterfall and ivy covered walls. A perfect setting for an afternoon meal.

Once we sat down I explained to the server, that I was gluten free and ask for his menu recommendations. He immediately mentioned starting off with a Bristol's Hard Apple Cider and mentioned if I didn't like it he would gladly bring me a glass of wine instead. I choose to be a little adventurous and went with the Cider, boy I'm glad I did. It was the perfect crisp, refreshing beverage on a warm summer day.

After an initial glance of the lunch menu, I noticed there were only a few salads, none of which, at the time, I was craving but I noticed the first sandwich on the list:

Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese Sandwich, Roasted Apples, THO Quince Paste, Toasted Almonds,
THO Arugula, Field Green Salad

This sounded AMAZING minus the bread of course. I told the waiter I was craving the sandwich, and he immediately responded, well I can throw the ingredients over a bed of romaine and drizzle balsamic dressing on top. Let me tell you, I was one happy customer! The salad was delicious and was exactly what I was craving to enjoy with my beverage of choice. The atmosphere, the food and the service combined was exquisite. We will definitely be going back to this little piece of wine country. 

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