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August 1, 2012

The TRAILS Neighborhood Eatery

This past weekend I raced in my first 5k, Joggin' for Frogmen at San Diego State University. This amazing event was in honor of all of our warriors who have sacrificed their lives for us while protecting our country. The event raised money for the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Specialty Operations Warrior Foundation to fulfill their missions of helping military families. 

The run was conveniently 2 miles from The Trails Neighborhood Eatery! My goal was not only to finish the race but to visit the Trails, a dedicated gluten free eatery in the heart of San Diego. I had heard and seen nothing but praises for the Trails from fellow Celiacs and bloggers online. So you can guess how excited I was to have breakfast at a restaurant that wasn't eggs, bacon and a bowl of fruit!

The sidewalk outside was filled with Sunday breakfast goers. My family and I waited for almost 30 minutes for a table of 5.  I couldn't help but grow more and more anxious of the calling of each new name to be seated. The anticipation killed me, but the thought of pancakes was worth every minute.

The venue was cheery and bright, from the green walls to the comfortable booth seats with fluffy pillows, the place was packed! Once seated, I asked for a gluten free menu and WOW look what I got! It wasn't a piece of paper or small mini menu, it was a laminated leather bound 2 sided GLUTEN FREE menu! 'I already love this place' ran through my mind. View the entire gluten free menu HERE.

I IMMEDIATELY decided on the Gluten Free Short Stack filled with bananas and blueberries with a side of bacon. Boy, was I in for a treat. Shortly after we placed our order plate after plate of delicious breakfast entrees filled our table. Our friendly and attentive server saved the best for last, the gluten free pancakes arrived!
Ta Da! 

Each gluten free plate is marked with a red toothpick, indicating its special :)

The pancakes were everything I hoped for and MORE. I almost forgot to start using syrup because each bite was so fluffy and filled with flavor it didn't need an additional topping to spruce them up. The bananas were nestled within each layer while the blueberries were piled high on top. I stopped a few bites in to take another photo, are you surprised? I HAD To document this extraordinary event. 

The TRAILS Neighborhood Eatery
7389 Jackson Drive
San Diego, CA 92119
Phone: 619- 667-2233
OPEN FOR DINNER 5pm to 9pm Wed. through Sat.
open 7am to 3pm daily
lunch at 10:30am ~ breakfast all day
Follow THe Trails Neighborhood Eatery on Facebook

I highly recommend the Trails Neighborhood Eatery to gluten free goers and anyone looking for a delicious meal. Can't wait to go back! I even took a piece of coffee cake for the road! SUCCESS!

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