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August 15, 2012

Restaurant Review- Farmstand 46

This past weekend we spent another hot (but gorgeous) weekend in wine country. About a month ago I received a call from my boyfriend with such great news, Farmstand 46 carries gluten free bread! So you guess where we went this past Saturday?

Farmstand 46 is surrounded by Paso Robles's signature wineries and is nestled between rows of vineyards and rolling hills. It is the ideal "pit-stop" for all wine goers. We had stopped by on a previous trip and purchased wine country snacks: gourmet cheeses, salami, fresh baguette bread (not gluten free), nuts and fig to accompany each glass of wine. 

This past weekend my options for food grew exponentially at Farmstand 46. Check out the full menu HERE and below. They carry fresh, organic, and locally grown vegetables and herbs.  Farmstand 46 can make any of the signature sandwiches gluten free. I FINALLY decided on the Gluten Free "Miss Piggy," if the shoe fits, right? Turkey, Dijon mustard, caramelized onions, green apples and Gruyere cheese. I was surprised when she asked me which gluten free bread would I like, white or multi-grain? I would have loved to see my expression on my face as she relayed the 2 gluten free bread options, I think I looked at her like I had just seen a ghost. 

I couldn't believe it, not only does Farmstand 46 carry and cater to the gluten free diet, but they ALSO give you options as to which type of bread you prefer? I opted for the multi-grain and smiling ear to ear headed to the cashier to pay. 

Among arrival to the check out stand, I thought I saw another ghost, there sitting right in front of me...a beautiful sign that read "Gluten Free Vanilla Salted Carmel Chocolate Cupcakes, $3.75. I immediately shouted out, I will take one of those too!

Check out the "Miss Piggy" or should I say "Miss PERFECT SANDWICH IN THE WORLD"?

Mark should have timed me, I think I would have set a new world record for how quick you can eat a gluten free cupcake :)

Farmstand 46
3750 Highway 46 West
Templeton, CA 93465
Tel: 805-239-3661
Fax: 805-239-3662
email: info@farmstand46.com

**One IMPORTANT note- the owner recommends to call a day before visiting to ensure the gluten free bread is available. 

Farmstand 46 has The Gluten Exchange's stamp of approval!

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