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July 30, 2012

The Gluten Free Consumer Publication

Have you signed up to received The Gluten Free Consumer? If not, you're missing out! The GF Consumer focuses their monthly publication on product reviews, easy to follow recipes and ways to live gluten free without breaking the bank! And did i mention, it's FREE?!?!

Click HERE for a preview. The publication is easy to read by dedicating one page for each product, new gluten free company, or personal stories from others living gluten free. 

Rodney and Chaton Fife started The Gluten Free Consumer because they wanted to take the guessing out of gluten free shopping. The Gluten Free Consumer strives to provide a guide to highlight the best products on the market at the most affordable price.

The Gluten Free Consumer has established a point based grading system used on each gluten free product including: ease, taste & texture, ingredient quality, appeal, price & availability. I have since adapted these standards when evaluating products on my grocery run. 

Click HERE to sign up! It's The Gluten Exchange Approved! 

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