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July 2, 2012

Highlights of a Glutenfree Girl's Week

Still to this day when I find something gluten free anywhere outside of my house I jump up and down in excitement, not literally but you get the picture. After a moment I regain my composure and then immediately reach for my phone to take a picture. It doesn’t matter where I’m at, if there is something gluten free there is a photo shoot 2 seconds later.
With that being said I would like to start a new post series- titled "Highlights of a Glutenfree Girl's Week". Each week I would like to capture my gluten free finds and share them with my famous snapshots. I can’t believe how many times I come across a new gluten free item throughout the week. It’s exciting to see the community embracing dietary restrictions and making an effort to adjust their menu, store or selection to cater to our needs.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, I think a gluten free picture is worth 2,000! 

Easy gluten free Trader Joe's Meal- Pulled pork & feta cheese  on an Udi’s burger bun 
Whole Foods trip- SUCCESS!
Received the CDF Insight Quarterly Newsletter- Spring 2012 in the mail, can't wait to read. Click HERE to visit CDF’s website & become a member, highly recommended

Gluten Free To-Go order from PF Changs

Gluten Free Stand at Ralph’s
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I hope everyone has a great week! What are your gluten free finds this week?


  1. How do you know the TJ's Pulled Pork is gluten free? It doesn't say so on the label.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for visiting my gluten free site. I hope you find it useful. Below is the list of ingredients in Trader Joe's pulled pork:

      Smoked pulled pork (pork meat injected with [water, sodium phosphate], black pepper, salt, brown sugar, garlic powder, onino powder), BBQ sauce (water, sugar, tomato paste, tomato puree, vinegar, molasses powder [molasses, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide], water, corn syrup, dextrose, salt, cornstarch, garlic powder, onion powder, caramel color, chili pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, cloves, cinnamon, worcestershire sauce [distilled vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, water, salt, caramel color, sugar, spices, anchovy, natural flavor, tamarind]).

      You're are correct, as the product does not have a "gluten free" label, but since there is no Federal regulation that defines the term "gluten free" in the labeling of foods, please be cautious when buying products that only have a "gluten free" label. I would suggest to read the entire list of ingredients to be 100% sure there are no hidden traces of gluten.

      I hope that helps! :)