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June 25, 2012

BabyCakes Bakery San Diego

Last weekend one of my best friends from college came to visit. We spent the entire weekend, shopping, eating, relaxing, eating, drinking, & eating. Did I say eating? From early morning coffees, to mid day sushi, to a dinner time fiesta at one of my favorite local restaurants, Fidel’s; we enjoyed every minute of the weekend, or should I say every bite?

We were downtown and craving a sweet treat. She immediately responded BABYCAKES!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when we first walked in, there were 4 gluten free cupcakes to choose from. Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Raspberry and Chocolate Raspberry. Each $4.50. Please note the gluten free flavors are only available on Saturday and Sunday, on a first come first serve basis. I tried the vanilla raspberry and chocolate and was in for a
treat! Both were moist, light in texture and both piled high with sweet and creamy frosting.

Check out their website HERE
4 Flavors to choose from- Vanilla Raspberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, & Chocolate Raspberry

Can't wait to go back and get 4 more!

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