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May 13, 2012

Gluten Free Dining Out 101

"Gluten free" is popping up everywhere in local eateries and chain restaurants. Don't get me wrong I'm excited every time I see the words "gluten free" but I can't help but worry that although the words are present, is it really gluten free? Without a FDA standardization for the use of the term gluten free, I can only continue to ask questions and read labels.

Whether your grabbing a quick bite, traveling or just trying a new restaurant it is important to keep the below things in mind. This list was shared at the 2012 Celiac Disease Foundation Conference & Food Faire (Click HERE for my gluten free finds at the conference) and I'm happy to pass on these simple but important rules to keep in mind.

Best Choices:
  • American Faire
  • Ethic Foods based on rice, corn and lentils
  • Mom & Pops
  • Expensive restaurants
  • Where everyone knows your name
Not So Good:
  • Pizzerias
  • Pasta eateries
  • Sandwich shops
  • Many chain restaurants
On a side note- I was recently dining at True Foods Kitchen in Newport Beach (post coming soon) and didn't know what "farro" was. I instantly accessed my "Gluten Check App." This handy app lists gluten-containing ingredients other than wheat. Safe ingredients are listed in green, and unsafe ingredients are listed in red. Not only has this app been useful at restaurants but I have also relied heavily on it while grocery shopping. Click HERE to download it, its FREE!

Happy Dining!

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