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February 15, 2012

Gluten Free Find @ Trader Joe's

This past Saturday I was shopping at Trader Joe's and was overwhelmed with excitement when I spotted Udi's  Gluten Free Bread lining the shelves in the bread section. I couldn't believe my eyes! If you haven't tried Udi's, now is the perfect opportunity to try a piece of gluten free bread that doesn't demonstrate the same characteristics as a rock, need I say more? :) 
I did a product/location search on Udi's website and noticed Trader Joe's does not appear as an option to purchase Udi's bread in the San Diego region. I contacted Udi's to see if this is a temporary offering or if Trader Joe's will start to carry Udi's bread full time. I have read on other gluten free blogs across the country that Trader Joe's has carried Udi's bread for several years so I am hoping they are here to stay! Such a great price too at $4.99 a loaf!

Once I hear from Udi's I will update my post, but in the meantime run to Trader Joe's for Udi's bread!

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