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January 26, 2012

Traveling Gluten Free

We are about a month into the New Year and all I have on my mind is where am I going to travel this year? I have been keeping a close eye on Groupon and Expedia deals in hopes of planning a dream vacation with little stress in the process. Although finding a gluten free meal is the last thing I want to stress about when enjoying my vacation. While planning my trip several thoughts enter my head...

What am I going to eat there? What cultural food will I be able to eat?
Am I going to get sick in another country?
How will I communicate that I am allergic to gluten?

The following article was recently published on CNN.com; It provides several resources for accommodating  allergies while traveling. Even more insightful, the article links websites of our fellow Celiac's personal travel experiences. 

One of my go to websites is Travel Gluten Free- Your One Stop Guide for Traveling Gluten Free. The below topics are provided for a number of countries, thus making the anxiety of traveling more manageable. 
  • Where To Eat? - Some of the best restaurants in the country for dealing with a Gluten Free diet.
  • Where To Stay? - Which hotels offer the best in house restaurants/breakfast rooms for a Gluten Free diet?
  • Chains - Often the easiest places to eat out/stay, how do they all do in terms of Gluten Free food?
  • Stores - When travelling, you may want to self cater. Where can you buy those all important Gluten Free ingredients?
  • What To Say?
Like all trip planning, a little bit can go very far so why not take a few more minutes to plan out a few meals and make the trip that much more enjoyable for you and your digestive system!

Safe gluten free travels!

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