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December 14, 2011

A Gluten Free Day In Wine Country

One of my favorite ways to spend Saturday is wine tasting in the beautiful hills of Paso Robles, Ca with my boyfriend. He is a wine connoisseur at heart and we love spending the entire day relaxing outdoors with a good glass of wine.

One thing I learned quickly after visiting numerous tasting rooms was that the crackers the wineries offered were NEVER gluten free. When tasting various types of wine it is important to cleanse your pallet between each sample with water or a cracker so that your mouth is clear of all the flavors from the previous wine.

I am excited to announce I have found the PERFECT gluten free cracker for wine tasting. I now enjoy  Glutino Multigrain Crackers with my favorite Cabernet. They are light and flaky and are similar in texture to the crackers that are available at each winery.

There is nothing better than a glass of wine, Glutino crackers, cheese, salami and a stunning view of the vineyard. The next time you're heading to wine country, pack your box of Glutino crackers. Click HERE to visit Glutino's website. I purchased a 4.4 oz box for $3.91!

"Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life'e most civilized pleasures."
- Michael Broadbent

INGREDIENTS: Corn starch, white rice flour, organic palm oil, modified corn starch, dextrose, liquid whole egg, yeast, salt, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, guar gum, ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, mono and diglycerides, natural flavor.

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