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November 11, 2011

Gluten Free Turkey Cookies- Gobble Gobble!

I found this adorable recipe on OurBestBites, click HERE for the recipe but made a few changes to make them gluten-free! I took them to work; I am making a set for a game night and Thanksgiving Day!


Glutino Gluten Free Dream Cookies- Chocolate Vanilla Crème (Click HERE for website) OR
Kinnikinnick KinniTOOS Chocolate Sandwich Crème Cookies (Click HERE for website)
Candy Corn
Chocolate covered Almonds
Peanut Butter cups
Chocolate frosting
Yellow frosting- small tube
Red frosting- small tube
Optional: yellow oval sprinkles, blue ball sprinkles for the eyes

Take a cookie and fill in one side will chocolate frosting. Cut the white tips off of 5 candy corns (you will use those later for the beaks) and stick in the cookie, using the chocolate frosting to help stick.

On the opposite end of the candy corn place a dab of chocolate frosting to stick to another chocolate cookie (base cookie). Next we will add the body- take a peanut butter cup and cut ¼ of a sliver off of one end. It helps to cut in a sawing motion so you don’t break the peanut butter cup. 

Place a dab of chocolate frosting on the newly exposed side and the top of the peanut butter cup.

Place peanut butter cup with the newly exposed side on the base of the cookie with the top side against the other cookie. I found that it was easier to attach both cookies and peanut butter cup at the same time.

Next cut ¼ of the chocolate covered almond off so the head will appear more rounded not oval. Using the yellow frosting dab 2 spots for the eyes and place 2 yellow oval sprinkles over the frosting. Dab yellow frosting over the oval sprinkles and attach the blue ball sprinkles for the eyes. *Attach all eyes before adhering chocolate covered almond to the body.

Once chocolate covered almond has 2 eyes take the white tip of the candy corn and adhere to chocolate covered almond using a dab of the yellow frosting. Next place a dab of chocolate frosting on the back side of the chocolate covered almond and stick to cookie right above the peanut butter cup.

Once beak is adhered, take the red frosting and create a little gobble gobble right under the chocolate covered almond. Finally on the base of the cookie draw feet using the yellow frosting.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing instructions!