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November 7, 2011

An Event Worth Attending for SO Many Reasons...

Over the years I have been a program gluten free shopper, picking up anything that states "gluten free" on the packaging, willing to try anything new in the hopes of finding products that were new and contained tastes that I have been deprived of for so many years.

After spending hundreds of dollars on products some which knocked my socks off and others that, well lets just say I wish I never took a bite, I was able to cut my costs and taste hundreds of products at the 2011 Celiac Disease Foundation Conference before dishing out the mula. Not only was I able to taste on the spot, I also was able to ask the vendors specific questions regarding their product lines, their plans of expanding and where I can find their products in grocery stores surrounding my home. Below is a picture of all my gluten free goodies I collected at the event, can you believe it? I didn't have to go grocery shopping for a month!
This Saturday, November 12th, the 2011 San Diego Gluten Free Food Expo is taking place at the Scottish Rite Event Center from 12 to 4pm. I encourage new and veteran gluten free consumers to attend. This event is a perfect opportunity to meet numerous vendors in the gluten free community and try all their products first hand. Click HERE to view all vendors which are attending the event. Attendees will also receive "gluten free goodie bags" filled with products, coupons, and a gluten free guide book featuring local support group information, a San Diego restaurant guide focused on gluten free friendly menus, and information regarding Celiac Disease.

All proceeds raised at the Expo will go to the Warren Medical Research Center for Celiac Disease to support educational and awareness programs.

Click HERE to view the Expo's website.

Do something for YOU! its an event you don't want to miss!
See YOU there!

Look out next week for event highlights and new product reviews!

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