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October 27, 2011

Up Up & Away Gluten Free!

This past week I flew on Alaska Airlines. I came prepared with my own “in-flight” snack to enjoy: Luna bars, sliced apples, and trail mix for the 5 hour flight.

Like many of you are familiar- traveling can be a bit difficult, I have learned throughout the years to ALWAYS bring my own food rather than relying on the food options on the plane and the various fast food options in the terminals.

After boarding the plane, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the “in-flight” menu to find a snack pack titled “gluten free!” It was early in the morning and thought am I reading this correctly?

Mediterranean Tapas Picnic Pack is available on all Alaska Airline flights. The pack can be purchased for $6 USD and includes:
Food Should Taste Good® multigrain chips
Mario® snack olives
Wild Garden™ sun-dried tomato hummus dip
Madi K's almonds, Stretch Island Fruit Co. ™ fruit stripgluten
Harry London dark espresso chocolate

I will be booking more flights on Alaska Airlines, thank you Alaska for thinking of us!

Safe Travels!


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