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August 1, 2011

Traders Joe's- My Saving Grace...literally

Contrary to popular belief- Trader Joe's is a cost effective alternative for gluten free grocery store shopping. When first diagnosed with Celiac I felt I had to shop at all high end specialty stores in order to be able to eat again, boy was I wrong.

After graduating from college and starting my first job I was determined to find a solution to the horrid weekly grocery store run that didn't gobble up every paycheck. One day I decided to step into Traders Joe's and haven't looked backed since. Gluten free consumers have the privilege of clearly marked items lining the aisles. Trader Joe's has designed a gluten free system in which all products have the following label on the packaging and shelf price tag.

Before putting your grocery list together check out Trader Joe's online list of gluten-free products and helpful shopping tips. Trader Joe's No Gluten Ingredients Product List

Below is a list of my favorite items I make sure to pick up once every few weeks for snacks, desserts, or everyday meals. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Great ANYTIME of the day

When you're in the mood to indulge
Add peanut butter chips for extra goodness

Pairs well with a cup of yogurt

Who can say no to peanut butter?

Perfect for dipping grilled cheese sandwiches
Great for quesadillas!
Perfect with a morning coffee or glass of milk
Yummy dipping for vegetables
Perfect for a hot summer day

Thank you Traders!


Gluten Free Grocery store shoppers!

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