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July 22, 2011

The Cheese Shop AKA The YUM Shop

My coworkers are fans of this hidden gem and were excited to take me "the rookie" to lunch on a beautiful Tuesday. As soon as I got word we were venturing to this La Jolla "hot spot" I got online to figure out what I could possibly order. Main dish aside, I was stoked to find one of their most popular items a flourless oatmeal cookie. I called ahead to verify the ingredients and sure enough

Cheese Shop Cookies

OATMEAL COOKIES MADE WITHOUT FLOUR!!! The recipe for these delicious cookies was given to us while growing up in Long Beach, California, in the early 1960’s --from the old lady next door, Hazel --and it was an old recipe even then!!! Hazel always said that she ate them when she was a little girl, so it’s easy to imagine someone baking them well over 100 years ago! We still use the same recipe and bake them daily. THESE OATMEAL'S ARE FAMOUS!!!
Who needs lunch when you can eat 5 of these pieces of gold? I highly recommend this local favorite, and can't wait to go back and sit outside in the beautiful California summer sun with a gluten free cookie in hand. I ordered 4 to go and went on my merry way back to work with some gluten free goodies; I would say that was a successful lunch!

Click here to check out The Cheese Shop

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